Rin’s Mysteries Announcement

“They’re onto us.” A worried voice broke the silence. “The firewall is down. Someone has access to the files.”
“What?! But the artifact?!” came an alarmed reply.
“It’s already been decided. We had no other options…” the voice trailed off.
Rin has been alone for as long as she can remember. After her parents died in an accident, her life has been one of isolation. Confined to her grandfather’s shrine, her only comfort is Minchi, her best and only friend, who has lived with her for as long as she can remember. Save a few memorable exceptions, Rin has never been allowed to leave the Shrine. On one summer day all of this changes, however, when her grandfather unexpectantly asks, “Rin, how would you like to go to school?”

Across the town, an orphan returns to the town of his birth. He’s come for answers. Always moving from one town to another, always awkward, and always an outsider, he makes a personal resolution: “This time, it will be different.” Little does he know, standing at the bottom of the hill leading to a local shrine, that his wish will soon be realized. “Just give her the survey, introduce myself, and don’t do anything stupid.”

As he climbes the steps he hears what sounds like a girl singing. “Shes singing?” he wonders as he reaches the last steps. His gaze is drawn to a girl sitting under a tree with her eyes closed, softly singing to herself.

The mysteries begin Chirstmas 2013

Early Concept Art

Coming Christmas 2013


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