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Live Streams!

I’ve decided to dive into the scary world of live streaming. When  streaming, I’ll be playing a large variety of games. From retro- jrpgs, to FPS to visual novels, I plan on playing everything I can. There won’t be any set schedule as to when I stream, but be sure to follow me on Twitter @solidbatman1 to receive updates as to when and what I’m streaming. You can also follow my twitch channel to receive an email every time I go live with a stream.

Check out my channel here, and I hope to see you there!


Atelier Rorona Review

With everyone out of town, and no easy way to do any image editing for this review, I sort of proudly present this review! (Images to come)

Atelier Rorona is the 11th installment in the long running Atelier series (although if you live in the US, it’s the 6th installment). As far as I’m concerned, it’s the first Atelier game seeing as how it is the first one that I have completed. The Atelier games are JRPGs developed by Gust that focus on alchemy and item synthesis. Atelier Rorona is no exception to this.

The game opens with a brief explanation of the city of Arland, a city that is being industrialized, but holds the technology possessed by an ancient civilization. Rorolina Fixwell (Rorona for short) is a young alchemist being trained by her master, Astrid Zexis. Astrid isn’t very interested in running the alchemy shop she owns so business isn’t very good for her and Rorona. One day, however, a Knight of Arland, Sterkenburg Cranach, visits the shop and informs Rorona that the alchemy shop will be closed if it cannot prove that it can function properly and aid Arland. He sets up a series of 12 assignments over the course of 3 years for Astrid and Rorona to pass in order to keep the shop open. Astrid, being uninterested in the shop, decides to use it as a test for Rorona and renames the alchemy shop Atelier Rorona and has Rorona take care of all the assignments.  Read the rest of this entry

Lazy and I Know It

Another quick update. Yes, I’m still doing this. I am in the process of setting up a new computer and have been out of town the past week or so. I do have a review nearly ready to go. Expect it in a week or less (hold me to it shcboomer). Anyway, that is what is happening on my end. Hopefully, things will settle down for me and I’ll have plenty to write about in the coming days.