Happy New Year 2014

Just wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2014 from Sometimes Clever.


Why hello there. Given this newfangled white background, I guess that I, Zakamutt the Moderately Great, shall have to change my signature text color. Changes to older articles will come when I feel like it.

While Shizuru is moe queen in Rewrite, Kotori might just be best girl. That said, I really like Akane as well. Until bad stuff happens to her and stuff, anyway. Kotori’s route is definitely the best character route, though (and Akane second best.) Well, many will disagree; that’s just the way Rewrite is. (I feel like I should link a Rewrite opinion I really disagree with now, so here you go. Happy new year, Silvachief, and may I never agree with you! (Except he considers Akane second best chara route which I am in complete agreement with…))

We haven’t written much these past weeks, have we? Oh well, we can probably rectify that soon enough. Maybe we can even persuade batman to review some anime or something. Or not.

Clearly I need more depressed insomnia, because I seem to write my best stuff when that happens.


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  1. Happy New Year to everyone at Sometimes Clever!
    Disagreeing is fine with me as long as we can both appreciate that visual novels in general are awesome =P

  2. Ha! Getting me to do something for my own blog. What a good joke!

  3. chihaya route is just shounen lol .

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