Hey listen! You should check these awesome blogs out!

The Geek Clinic

Silvachief’s awesome blog on everything from anime, to video games, to visual novels

shcboomer’s Random Blog

What does our editor do with his blog? Legends say nothing, but those are flat out wrong. Be sure to check out his work on Refrain Subs!

Visual Novel Aer

The big ‘ol Fuwanovel VN Blog covering all sorts of VN news

Mou~ gaman dekinai!

Everyone’s favorite meru writes plenty of visual novel reviews here. Go check them out!

Am I a GEEK?

Well, are you? Find out what makes this particular Geek tick.

If you would like your blog/forum/fansite to be added, just let me know!

  1. Hiiiii

    Can I be added to your blogroll?
    I just recently started blogging and well… I’m just self promoting… šŸ˜›
    I know its a terrible thing to do but I just want to get involved and become a part of the aniblogosphere… I think that’s what its being called.

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