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SFU Summer Festival 2014

Let’s add some content here. XD

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It’s been a while since my last post on my blog that isn’t fansubbing related. So, this will make a good change of pace on the blog. Anyway, today I was up on SFU Burnaby to help run an EVO screening event that we planned to run. I was reminded by a friend early in the morning that the SFU Summer Festival was happening. It’s basically a mini anime-con at my university that happens once a year. It’s low budget, but at least it’s an honest attempt at trying to run a big event at our school campus.


Surprisingly, the event was well attended from what I could tell. In the time I spent there, the traffic of people was consistent and seemed to generate quite a bit of interest. It was quite hot today and it really showed in this area as it felt like a greenhouse in this…

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Happy New Year 2014

Just wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2014 from Sometimes Clever.


Why hello there. Given this newfangled white background, I guess that I, Zakamutt the Moderately Great, shall have to change my signature text color. Changes to older articles will come when I feel like it.

While Shizuru is moe queen in Rewrite, Kotori might just be best girl. That said, I really like Akane as well. Until bad stuff happens to her and stuff, anyway. Kotori’s route is definitely the best character route, though (and Akane second best.) Well, many will disagree; that’s just the way Rewrite is. (I feel like I should link a Rewrite opinion I really disagree with now, so here you go. Happy new year, Silvachief, and may I never agree with you! (Except he considers Akane second best chara route which I am in complete agreement with…))

We haven’t written much these past weeks, have we? Oh well, we can probably rectify that soon enough. Maybe we can even persuade batman to review some anime or something. Or not.

Clearly I need more depressed insomnia, because I seem to write my best stuff when that happens.

Merry Christmas from Sometimes Clever


From all of us here at Sometimes Clever, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! Over on the Fuwanovel forums, I’ve been holding a competition. Part of the competition was to draw a Christmas image with favorite characters. People received bonus points for Hachikuji Mayoi images. Here are a few of my favorites.

Untitled-1-1 Untitled-1-2 Untitled-1-3 untitles 1-2

Zakamutt: Pfft, my pic was clearly the best.

My glorious, glorious entry for solidbatman's forum contest.

For context, click picture. For explanation of troublesome elements, hover.

In random uninteresting news, blog tags have been cleaned up somewhat. Nobody will care about this.

Review Schedule

The inside look into my procrastination!

11/14/2013: Dysfunctional Systems Ep.1 Review

11/21/2013: Saints Row IV Review

11/28/2013: Papers, Please Review

12/??/2013: Swan Song VN Review

12/??/2013: Junipers Knot Review


So there you have it. The short list of my upcoming review I plan to put together. Will I actually get these things out on time? What’s the line in Vegas on that?


New Reviews, Impressions, and Ramblings starting very very soon. This time, I’ll actually keep up with it? Tune in to find out!

Live Streams!

I’ve decided to dive into the scary world of live streaming. When  streaming, I’ll be playing a large variety of games. From retro- jrpgs, to FPS to visual novels, I plan on playing everything I can. There won’t be any set schedule as to when I stream, but be sure to follow me on Twitter @solidbatman1 to receive updates as to when and what I’m streaming. You can also follow my twitch channel to receive an email every time I go live with a stream.

Check out my channel here, and I hope to see you there!

Lazy and I Know It

Another quick update. Yes, I’m still doing this. I am in the process of setting up a new computer and have been out of town the past week or so. I do have a review nearly ready to go. Expect it in a week or less (hold me to it shcboomer). Anyway, that is what is happening on my end. Hopefully, things will settle down for me and I’ll have plenty to write about in the coming days.


Hi. As you can tell, nothing has been posted in a week. Why? Because I’ve spent every free moment reading VNs and playing games. Got some more Corpse Party fun coming up, along with Steins;Gate, Saya no Uta (hopefully with Zakamutt), and The Last of Us.

In short, we’re not dead! We’re just playing the hell out of some games and reading a ton of visual novels. Hopefully I’ll have something up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

I’m contributing!

Hey everyone, name’s Tief Blau, or as our crime fighting superhero site owner calls me “Mr. Ever 17 Fan”. What can I say about myself…. I’m also a blogger and my own blog can be found here. As you might be able to see I don’t post much. My focus on Sometimes Clever will mostly be about upcoming anime and games. When I do get around to posting that is.

Moving on to my topic of the day;

Kill La Kill

How many of you guys have heard of it?

Not many?

That’s what I thought.

Don’t worry, I don’t know much about it either.

Set to come out sometime in 2013, directed by the guy who did Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, I’m sure we can all expect something very… Unique.

Official Site


Hello everyone! This is my small, tiny corner of the internet in which yours truly, will be writing all sorts of reviews, observations, and general posts on gaming, visual novels, and anime. Am I worth following? Ehhhh…. maybe? Its my goal to post here at least once a week, if not more. So I sure hope you follow, or add this blog to your RSS feed. Enjoy my stupidity everyone!